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One of the difficult things about writing (fiction or non-fiction books) is finding readers looking for particular genres of interest to them. While the Internet is the preferred method used by writers, the Internet can also be one of the most confusing (and expensive) resources for writers. While buying ads on websites or social media will surely bring readers to an author’s books, ads tend to also place more work on writers. Ads for a writer’s books require several things: time to set up and maintain their book ads, financial resources to cover the costs of the ads, and then software or service to support the success or failure of their book’s ad campaigns In the long run; a writer must expend valuable time and money that a writer could better spend on writing.

Another issue that has caused me to look for alternative methods of getting my books into the hands of interested readers is the current trend of companies downplaying Christian-themed works. These are supposedly in business to print and distribute written works so readers can access them. Many of these companies claim they only provide what sells the most. That would be fine if many of these same companies didn’t have any Christian categories while others piled everything into a generic “Religion” category.

That being the case, I decided to experiment by placing my written works here on EnjoyMyBooks.com so you can read them at leisure. For free. Well, I will add a PayPal(tm) link later to give those who wish to secure small donations to my account as a way of saying thanks. So, you can find the most current list of my books available for your reading pleasure at the following link: My Bookshelf.